About Us

Our goal at GR367 is to provide advice, information and resources to assist in the transformation of healthcare training through better initial education and continuing education of medical professionals. We’re pleased to be a widely recognized leader in this field.

Depend on us to always work toward this mission statement:

We endeavor to participate in and support the career development of medical professionals through promoting and advancing initial and continuing education to drive improvement in medical treatment and patient health.

Our work toward this mission includes sponsorship of CME initiatives directly and as a result of joint efforts with non-accredited organizations with the same or similar visions. We fully understand the necessity and importance of collaboration and are pleased to have strong relationships in place now with training programs, medical school, medical education vendors, patient care organizations, foundations and professional organizations.

We take advantage of all available and useful technology to reach our goals and support our mission statement. We also stay current on standards related to the AMA, ACPE, ACCME, ANCC, FDA and OIG and work to educate partners and other medical education providers on compliance requirements. We also want to make sure that the information we provide is of the highest quality and provides the greatest possibility of positive action.

Through our alliances, we add to the information and advice we provide with select educational outcome measurement testing and logistical service and more – all with the aim of offering our readers and others who depend on us the best possible experience and the greatest opportunity for successfully reaching their goals. There’s a wide world of medical education out there, and GR367 aims to explain and expand on all of it. That’s our mission, our goal and the focus of our team’s tireless efforts. Keep readings, and expect the best from us. We’ll deliver for you.