1-2-3 Of Dental Restoration

1-2-3 Of Dental Restoration

Have you ever had dental work done? Whether you have or not, the thought of a dentist drilling into a tooth or making an incision into your gums is probably as troubling to you as it was when you first imagined it as a child. I can’t imagine anyone enjoys visiting a dentist. There are, however, oral care options for greatly mediating the impact dental work can have on your life and psychological wellbeing. That’s what I am going to write a little about today.

I am not positive this qualifies as a “health secret” of the sort described in the title of this blog, but I certainly haven’t been able to find much information about good dental restorative options in my online (and irl) research. It’s almost like everyone has just relegated this subject to the “nothing you can do about it” bin in their lives.

I say: not so fast!

What the heck is dental restoration?

Dental tooth restorations are also sometimes called “dental fillings” because the procedure often involves filling holes in teeth broken for various reasons. But, I think it’s more accurate to describe restorations as what your dentist does to repair damaged or missing teeth. That could be crowns, fillings, implants, bridges or dentures.

As I said in the introduction, those procedures don’t sound like a lot of fun! But, there are ways you can mediate the amount of turmoil caused by planning and executing these procedures if ever you need to get one done.

Holistic Dentist

First of all, you need to get this type of thing done at a holistic dentist’s office. Holistic dentistry is just dentistry with added benefits. The before and after care at a holistic dentist goes a long way to making any work less bothersome in general. Holistic dentists will often give you dietary and lifestyle advice, like show you how to do mindfulness meditation; and these little things can have a big effect on the side effects (mental and physical) before, during and after dental restoration procedures.

My holistic dentist is in San Diego, but they are in pretty much every city. You should look one up if you’re getting dental work done, or just switch for your regular check-ups; they really are that good! On regular visits, I get a check-up on my oral health, but also on how my meditation and diet are going. My current diet and meditation schedule were recommended by my dentist!

Personally, I found that mindfulness has done miracles for my anxiety. And last month, I had a good deal of anxiety associated with my latest round of dental surgery (implants).

Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP)

This might be a little harder to find, but there exists a treatment using a natural substance called platelet-rich plasma, or PRP. If you know what Botox is, then you know basically what PRP is. Like Botox, it’s injected in cosmetic procedures. It’s a substance derived from your own blood and its claim to fame is that it accelerates the natural healing process of your body.

If you find a dentist who is certified to administer PRP injections, you can add this to your post-treatment protocol and speed up your healing!


If you need to get dental restorations of any kind done, see a holistic dentist certified to use PRP. Before and after your dental work you’ll have the very best modern science can bring to bear. For any of your fears regarding surgery there is a tool or strategy to make things work out much better than you thought.

Thanks for reading.