Tips to Plan Your Next Urgent Care Visit

  1. Check In

You don’t want to waste time waiting inside a lobby if you are feeling ill. Who? Make use of our WAHOO on line check-in solution and wait anywhere you feel most comfortable.  We’ll text you when it’s time for you to head to the clinic. Make every effort to bring your insurance photo and card ID to you.

  1. Medical Visit

Once you arrive at our walk-in urgent care clinic, we’ll make your experience as convenient and as efficient as you are able to. After checking in, a part of y our staff will lead you to a personal exam room to bring your important signs and learn more about the explanation for your see. He or she can start diagnostic examinations such as for instance X-rays, blood examinations or an EKG to organize for the provider that is medical. As soon as the provider comes in, he or she will examine you, pay attention to your issues and discuss your results, treatment and diagnosis program. In line in tremendous conditions when we’re a first come, first served facility, please be conscious urgent situation patients might be slotted ahead of you.

  1. Check-Out

Our caring urgent care medical staff will review your treatment plan and outcomes. You will be escorted back to the front desk to complete your visit when you are comfortable with the information the provider has shared. There you will receive aftercare guidelines, any prescriptions that are necessary a record of the see. Your walk-in clinic supplier may show that you should be viewed once more in the following day or two to ensure your condition is increasing.

  1. Follow Up

We would like you becoming straight back on your feet in only a small amount time as possible.  Therefore, whether or not your problem needs follow up, our staff may call within a day’s that are few see how you are feeling. Utilize the follow up call to inquire about questions regarding your healing process. If any follow-up appointments or modifications towards the treatment plan are expected, the medical provider may request you to be offered in for an additional checkup.

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